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Electrical Works

P J McGrory Building Services offer quality electrical works that homeowners can rely on. Whether you are looking for small jobs, like having additional sockets put in, or bigger jobs for example complete re-wiring projects, the experienced and highly skilled electricians at P J McGrory Building Services will be able to complete the work for you.
However, when it comes to electrical works, some householders might possibly wonder about whether they should attempt to undertake the electrical works themselves. There are a number of reasons why electrical works should be left to a professional. Here we will list just a few of them:
• Poorly completed electrical works are a potential fire hazard. Unfortunately, many electrical fires are caused by faulty wiring. This fault in the wiring may not initially present itself, however, days, weeks or months down the line, the faulty wiring has the potential to cause a fire. Thus, putting the lives of your family as risk as well as damaging your home and possessions. Using a professional ensures that this risk is kept to an absolute minimum. This is because a professional electrician performs electrical works using up to date standards and using the experience that they have gained over the many projects they have worked on.
• Poorly completed electrical works have the potential for electric shock. One of the biggest risks when it comes to completing electrical works is the danger of being shocked by the electricity. Although a shock from a lower voltage may cause burns, the shock from a higher voltage can even cause death. This is a potential issue when working with household appliances such as ovens and dryers which normally use 240 volts. A professional electrician is trained to better understand the dangers when it comes to higher voltages and how best to avoid them.
• Poorly completed electrical works can cost you more money in the long term. Having your electrical works undertaken by a professional ensures that they are completed successfully first time. Using P J McGrory Building Services, you can be confident of a high standard of work.
For these reasons and many more, it is always best to use a trained professional to complete electrical works for you. When it comes to electrical works, why should you use P J McGrory Building Services? As they are a member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen, you can be confident in the skills and integrity of P J McGrory Building Services. They are a family run building company that has been running in the building trade for more than 20 years. This gives them a wealth of experience that they can call on, enabling them to produce quality electrical works that you can rely on.
As well as electrical works, P J McGrory Building Services also offer structural alterations, repairs and renovations, groundworks, roofing as well as interior and exterior redecoration. For electrical works and a wide range of other services that you can trust, contact P J McGrory Building Services today!